Wednesday, July 14, 2010

There is such quiet here

on the mountain. The wind is building, building and whipping up big today. It is sunny and bright with a intermittent long, cool mountain breeze. Me thinks that I have found a taste of heaven (here.) Even the dog, with her head held high and nose up-- stood strong next to me today (in a real sense to honor the lovely breeze) ...on top of the big road up with the cool mountain breeze ruffling her heavy fur all the way down to her skin. :)
Pick of the Day:
A Quiet cabin,
some weathered
barn board and
a red and bold flower
(of unknown name)
that we transplanted

into our front
garden plot

from a wet
rocky outcropping

on a winding
road high up.


  1. I love that quiet cabin - it smacks of a simple life within.

    Lovely flowers, too. And an even lovelier walk with your dog. It make me wish I was walking with you.

  2. You write so lyrically, lg, I can see it all clearly - I think I can even feel the wind, too!

    The photographs are beautiful and those red flowers are so neat! What are they? Their leaves remind me of coneflowers. I love the shape of their petals!

  3. Lynn~ I would welcome you on my walk! I think Ginger might exude some excitement; the more people (for Ginger) = the more energy she exudes!
    (feel free to come and to visit.)

    Talon~~ the red flowers are an unknown mountain wildflower...we transplanted them from a place higher UP in the mountains....hope they can thrive here as they were in a somewhat wet place in clumps near a rocky outcropping. But they were so strikingly wild and beautiful!


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