Thursday, July 29, 2010

An Offering of Three...

of the Elk River
road views
and the nearby
butterfly bush
with a glowing
yellow, delicate
your day
was a


  1. beautiful landscape and photo's... love the last one the butterfly stands out against that purple flowers

  2. stop by my blog when u get a chance... have a great weekend :)

  3. You do travel some gorgeous routes, lg!

    The swallowtail is stunning with the butterfly bush! Beautiful capture!

  4. I love a butterfly bush - so aptly named. That one is lovely.

  5. anthony-samson, Thank you for stopping by! I did visit your blog and you are talented! Of course, as you can tell by my previous post, I dig your flower photos; I will examine your pics more closely :) Have a truly great and joy filled day!

    Yes Talon~ I missed the swallowtail photo amongst many others and just discovered it! We have a wealth of beauty here in the High Country for sure. It is a tourist destination this time of year certainly; it is not always navigable in the winter though (Do you recall some of the winter pics Talon:)?) We are traveling to Wilson Creek Gorge shortly again so I should get some awesomely great pics there I am hoping. I am taking teenagers there however, so i just might be 'distracted!' So nice to see you as always.

    Lynn~ Yes, in spite of gusty winds which move the bush around, back and forth with the butterflies clinging to it, I can get some good pics there with a little luck and some good timing :) Hoping your weekend is a good one Miss Lynn! Thank you, again, for stopping by on my 'front porch!'in the High Country!!!


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