Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Country Barns, Bee Hives and B-I-G.

Some photos
from last weekend's
road tip!
My dear sweet
husband loves
photographing barns...

What do YOU think of
the rather LARGE fungi
in our front yard??

...Did I not tell you that
items are LARGE in the
High Country (beetles,
mountains and their
wondrous tops,
butterflies, rock formations,
the snow accumulations
and the like...?) :)

Also- the active bee hives
were an interesting
hue of greeny-blue
lined up on a farm
that you could visit.

I spent yesterday
annihilating an 8 (to ten) inch
hornet nest around
our corner to the left.
The ornery fast moving
mob attacked my son
(who was stung) and Ginger Bear (unscathed...)
--Had to-- remove them.
You should have seen me
(in stealth)
shooting a 15 foot
stream of poison (twice;
two whole cans...)
from the seclusion
of our white van; windows UP.
It might have looked
a bit unusual but...
it did the JOB. :)


  1. The photos are great! And that fungus is humungous! It looks other-wordly!

    I started laughing at the image of you in the van spraying from a safe distance. I'm glad you got rid of them - they can be very nasty when disturbed. Why do they always insist on making those nests so close to the house? I hope your son is okay. Those are nasty stings!

  2. I'm glad you had a good laugh Talon. It was strange to spray the poison from our van but I really couldn't figure out any other way (they were pouring out of their nest and virulent I'm afraid...) My son was stung only once (thank God) on his left heel so he is fine now....I barely could finish a phone call with my sister (who is 9 years my younger) when he came in (after being stung) fuming, ranting exclamatives and the like~~ it was his very first time bee-ing stung. Oh boy; glad that's over with. Whew.

  3. P.S. My kids would not turn the corner to the left until they were eradicated.

  4. Wow - that is some mushroom! Hornets nests creep me out - that's just the way to do it if you have to do it yourself - stealthily. I lived in an apartment once that had a balcony that overlooked the parking lot, so I rarely went out there. We weren't supposed to hang clothes out to dry, but I went out stealthily one hot summer night after dark to hang a blouse I wanted to air dry and almost put my hand on a huge hornet's nest. Thank goodness I didn't. It makes my skin crawl thinking about it. Fortunately - I was able to call that in since I was renting. :)

    BTW - love those barns.

  5. I know Lynn. There are three more like those two (mushrooms) actually. So glad you did not experience a swarm of hornets (on your arm!); yikes!! We are well. :) My husband was actually also stung about 3 weekends ago up on the logging trail; he was moving a fallen tree and we hit another nest! He was also stung on his foot! That is another nest we probably will go up and take care of; from a good distance (if we can!)


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