Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Butterfly Bush

(as we
know it)
on the mountain.
a garden

a closeup
of the
pollen in
backyard lilly

and an
amazing butterfly bush that attracts

all different sizes, colors
and shapes of windswept


  1. The tomatoes look so yummy! We haven't gotten any ripe ones yet.

    I love butterfly bushes - I put one in last year and it's really blooming beautifully this year though it's a baby still. I love that you caught the butterfly visiting, lg! Right now all the butterfly action is in our front garden on the masses of coneflowers.

    Is that a fragrant lily? The color is gorgeous!

  2. Good looking "maters"! I stopped at home at lunch and had my Caprese salad again. Yum.

    My butterfly bush died - I was so sad. You inspire me to plant another. Your bush is a dandy one!

  3. Talon, I had no idea just what a 'butterfly bush' was...my neighbor walked over and gave me one she had to pull out. It took and now it's growing. The photo is from her huge old bush that attracts the butterflies all the day long! Aren't the contrasting purples of the bush and blues on the butterfly amazing to see? Love that contrast. Thanks for stopping by today!

  4. Lynn~ let me know if you do! Mine is tiny; that is my huge neighbor's by the road....they sure really do attract various butterflies...all shapes and sizes!It is delighting me. It's hot and very humid here (at 3333) so it must be hot near Altanta! Yes?


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