Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Journey

Top: Elk River Road;
what a ride down
and out!!

...It is an awesome
1200 foot drop
off the Parkway.
(with switchbacks
galore...) and

absolutely fun;
it ends in gravel!!
Sky views:
A stripey sky
(below) and
the quiet of
mountain ridges
that speak
peace (above.)
A wonderful
old house full
of texture
with a very
very old
and a gently
sloping field
of flowers
and pine trees.
What color!
What an
to romp!
I'm sure, here,
the deer, rabbits
and the like
have found
a hideout
and a place
to frolic.


  1. Oh, how beautiful! That's a road I'd love to travel! You've got a great eye, lg, for capturing the moments in your photography.

  2. I do love the parkway and the gorgeous scenery - captured perfectly here. If that house could talk, huh? I always like to think about old homes like that and imagine them new and the excitement of the homeowners moving in for the first time.

  3. Talon~ It is a road truly worth goes down for about 20-30 miles and proceeds next to a river/stream in gravel for miles and miles...

    Yes Lynn~ if that particular house could talk; what would it have to tell?


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