Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thinking of Florida

I spent many years in Florida and I raised my children there. I have many startling photographs of the area of Homestead, Florida in 1992 (immediately following H. Andrew) where my husband assisted in the rebuilding process (which was long and extensive.) These photos (a few of my favorite) are from the Gulf Coast.

St. Augustine (on the east coast) is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen (it is loaded with historic architecture)...not to mention so many other wonderful cities on the (east) coast of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina...



  1. Our hearts go out to everyone in danger in Florida. My grandson is in the Navy stationed in Mayport, Florida. They took his ship to sea where it is safer in a hurricane. My son raised a good question. How do the sailors feel when they are safely at sea and their families are still in harms way. It must be tough. Nice pictures.

  2. Granny Annie, That, indeed, would be the toughest! Thank you! Looks like the eye may not make landfall in Florida (at this point?)

  3. Me, too, lg - I hope it will all be OK. My sister has taken in relatives from Jacksonville (long story - two of them don't speak any English - so that's a challenge) - I so admire her for doing that.


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