Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Late December Beauty

On my walk this beautiful cool crisp morning I am reminded 
of the sheer beauty of living here (on the Appalachian Trail.) 
I (now) call it "The 3333 Club" as we live just above this elevation. 
Because of this our weather is uniquely a (wee) bit wild, 
with immense variation and with creeping (very-very dense) 
fog mist masses that travel the mountain and are found in such 
mountain elevations (only.) We also get wintry (very high level)
winds. Every day, I do behold (such) wonder and awesome beauty. 
The skies and the mountain-top views are breathtakingly beautiful. 
Each day the (various) mountains present themselves 
a little differently, as you can see.

Enjoy...We still have the view of trees, both the older larger 
top branches and the new young trees snapped directly 
off from the recent Christmas day ice storm (2009.) 
Just one photo (here) doesn't do this storm justice. 
Just imagine times 300,000 as far as I can see 
(panoramically speaking...) 
I think the trees are crying (or if trees can hurt they might be....) 
The woods are damaged all around.

Back later friend. 

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