Sunday, November 27, 2011


Here was our almost 22
pound butterball turkey
we made for Thanksgiving day!
It was a toasted and a
golden brown...Did I say delicious??!

As our 'sides' we had raisin/cranberry and
pecan stuffing, roasted
hubbard squash casserole
(the blue one
in our previous photo; goodbye!)
roasted poblano
and garlic mashed potatoes (a real
'killer' recipe here,) corn casserole,
classic green
bean casserole (for our son;
his favorite meal,)
home-made turkey gravy,
a cranberry chutney,
pumpkin bars and
pumpkin pie (which I haven't
yet even had...)
What a truly amazing array
of American Thanksgiving food classics!

Our 'left-overs' have been first class for days.

It leaves me wishing we would eat like
well, at least one time per month!

What a great day, as we had part of our immediate
California visiting us for the entire week.

A 'shout out' to Jake and Jasper!!!

And !congratulations! on
your new marriage
We have snow coming on Tuesday of
this week, but the Thanksgiving week

here in the Carolina's was unusually
with a high of almost 60.
(Do) tell us how
your holiday
week was celebrated!
I hope that it was very groovy.


  1. That sounds like a fabulous Thanksgiving feast. And a lovely time with all the family in town. Glad that hubbard squash was good!

  2. Lynn,
    What did you have and what was your favorite?

  3. Wow - you have my mouth watering with that fabulous turkey and description of what sounds like a perfect family gathering. I'm a sucker for stuffing and yours sounds scrumptious!

    We've had up/down weather. We've even had some snow showers. It's coming, isn't it?

    I've missed you, lg!

  4. Talon, I always make the stuffing (here) and yes, you guessed is my absolute favorite! Especially if it has nuts and berries in it!

  5. We had oven roasted turkey, deep friend turkey, dressing, two kinds of gravy (giblet and mushroom), squash casserole, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, pineapple casserole (seriously), broccoli casserole. It was casserole mania. I'm not sure if I've listed them all. Cakes, pies, cookie bars, by the multitude. Yum.


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