Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Two Offerings


Once a flower in her hair, oh so fair, oh so fair.
Once a flame-fire burning bright, in the night, yes, in the night.
Once a sultry, summer song, now-a dream, all but gone.
Once a singer, once a song-singing praises all day long.
Once a story, once a look, now a few lines in a book.

Now a Poem

Once a flower blooming fair, over there, over there
Once a smile upon her face, lips of red-just a trace
Once a breeze across the way-not today, no-not today
Once a tree grew in the hollow, now it’s gone, fallen, fallen…
Once a dream in my heart, now it’s grown, it’s on its own
Once praise, to my God-now a poem, now-a poem.
Once a sleep at midday, come what may, yes come what may.
Once a tentative, diminutive manner-now a roar, a roar and holler.


  1. I think that water fall is just gorgeous! sandie

  2. Beautiful words with great photos! Special no. 2.

    Wish you a blessed week ahead


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