Kuri Risotto

With fall coming soon upon us here, the 
High Country stupendous squash will be back!  
North Carolina grows delicious squash of all kinds 
of varieties, more than I was aware of ever existed! 
Featured here (last night's super supper; "Yum yum!") 
Roasted Kuri (squash) Risotto (with shallots, onion 
and white wine; Parmesan cheese on top too....) 
This was a truly mouth-watering savory experience 
if I don't say so myself! (I wish I had the aroma 
add-on pak for my pc for you!!!!!!!)


  1. I have never heard of Kuri - looks wonderful!

  2. Yes Lynn, Kuri squash. I will add a pic for you of it!) People 'swear by' this squash, here. :-)


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