Wednesday, May 7, 2014

(My) Childhood Shoes

(My) Childhood Shoes

I fancied myself free
I danced a waltz tonight
I danced a polka 123-123
I spun on rose petals and pressed on bike pedals
I ran across the bridge cement and metal
bang-bang to my secret place where silver fishes lie waiting
and streetlights play games that are highlights

I skid across the inclined face of the moon
slippery like cheeses down to Natti’s Gap
I plodded along walls that wall in the strong cities
I shook the dust off myself after being made fun of
I had holes
ran a mile
and then I ran another

I felt the cool clay of the cavern-cave
and splashed through the shallow icy water slip-sliding
over rocks to get stuck deep in Lake Michigan’s mud
I kicked up my heels
kicked the cat
and then I jumped over the house.

© Karen Powell


  1. You capture the "footing" of childhood just perfectly, lg.

  2. Thank you Lynn! (It is a submission for a poetry contest with a theme "the voice of your shoes.") I had fun with it! Hope you are well. Had fun finding the photo of some children I taught/photographed (well-their feet :-)) from the past, too. Love observing the freedom with which children romp and play! It's so freeing and fun to watch; I remember the feeling and that makes me happy :-) lg

  3. I want to add a note of (some) clarification to this poem. The line "kicked the cat" is figurative in its meaning only; in that it is meant to convey the (sometimes) mischievous nature that exists (in some) during childhood. There were no actual cats harmed in the making of this poem. ;-)

  4. This was a pure delight, lg! Loved every bit of it. Stellar words and images. I hope your Mother's Day was a beautiful one.


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