Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Was Met...

by a wall...of clouds. Last week on the foggy morn,
my husband convinced me to take some time and
go on up to the Blue Ridge (it is about 3.5 miles or so
away to this spot.) I am always vastly amazed by the
changing conditions I am
privileged to be a part of
here. I think that is why I find it so compelling to be
here (in the Appalachians.) You be the judge.
Bottom One: I call this "Where Are the Mountains?"
It is a 'long view' of just where mountain ranges taper off...
but, wait...where are they? If you look very closely,
in this shot, you can see the very faintest trace of the road
lit up by (sun) light. Here is the journey. :-) Middle One:
The Journey (Up) Top Two: My view of the clouds
(as they have now totally obscured the Parkway.) It seems, from
the shots, as if I am flying (in a plane) but I am actually standing
just on the rise of the road, above. Please do enjoy
these images
. :-)

At this juncture in time,
however, I can't help myself but to wonder and to
link these photographs of obscured images to what
the up and coming new year (2012!!)
now holds for us.
God bless you (too.)



  1. Those "head in the clouds" photos are just lovely, lg. Thank you for sharing them. And God bless you, too, my friend.

  2. Lynn, So glad you liked them. I've never seen the Blue Ridge look like that!

  3. Your shots are incredible, lg.It's amazing what fog does to a landscape. It's wonderful to have such a beautiful perspective as you have.

    2012 - isn't it incredible that we'll be two years into another decade of the new millennium?

    Wishing you a magical new year, (((lg))))

  4. Thank you Talon (hug!!) and for stopping by to take a gander!

  5. The clouds are like perles (?)
    in the first photo. Very nice. And I like the last one very much. Even if it is gray weather it is possible to take good photos:-)

    Thanks for you nice comments.

    God bless you!


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