Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Latest Installment

Brunette in Midnight Blue

(Still sewing....)
"Ta da!"

Here we have for you an 1990's (something) 
(reproduction) brunette (my favorite, actually...) 
Barbie doll in a deep navy evening dress with jet black pumps. 
The dress is made by myself of a sturdy knit polyester fabric 
with a sheen [...used from an old evening gown of mine...
"Ha!" Well done here....in the refurbishing department-
at least; although, I could have used the curtains in 
my bedroom; A.K.A. Scarlett O'Hara. I did get 
immense satisfaction, however, from the actual 
cutting up of an 'old' (but rarely worn) long gown!)]  

I also made a metallic/stretch shawl to match 
the gown and constructed a hand-made choker 
necklace with a clear quartz pendant. Enjoy! 
(This doll is for sale if you might like to know.) 
I will be posting her on eBay (soon.) 
Perhaps I should post on etsy, though?! 
Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. 
Thank you everyone!


  1. She looks pretty snazzy, lg! I love that you used one of your old gowns to make hers. And the accessories are truly inspired!

  2. She looks amazing! I'm having flashbacks to my Mom dressed up to go to a cocktail party when I was a little girl. Fashion is so circuitous, isn't it? I love that she is wearing an evening dress from one of your own, lg.

    I think you should put it on both ebay and etsy.

  3. Oh my goodness I didn't know you made this! sandie

  4. Incidentally, I sold this doll! :-)


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