Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bats in the Attic and Pollyworld.


I am in love with this place--Pollyworld Antique Shop
and the sweet, gracious, eager to help owner, Polly Chester. We travel 
to this wonderful old antique store in Mouth of Wilson, Virginia 
about once every 3 months or so. All the antique 
(and just plain old) items are most reasonably priced. 
Sadly, the owner is moving from this 
old store location and relocating this summer. 
I can't imagine a better place! And I am glad to bring you 
these photos before the place, as it is now, exists no more.

As you can see by my photos, you can find just about 
ANYTHING and everything you might want here
(and I didn't photograph the entire place!) :-) It is a wonderful, 
dreamy place filled to the brim and running over with old time treasures...
The lighting, especially in the barn-like upstairs, is perfect for photo making.

I don't know why, but I feel more 'at home' here, 
on the creaky old wooden floors surrounded by wood well 
worn with use and with age than any other type of place 
(except maybe on a mountain top.) 

I grew up 'rummaging' with my Mother. It's a good do. 
I'll admit that I even don't mind the sometimes musty smell 
of this and that, the damp feeling the place has in the winter, 
and the oppressively hot feeling that exists (in the upstairs) 
in the summer of Pollyworld. 

My need to surround myself with vintage, antique items and 
old buildings of all kinds  must go way back to my days 
(as a child) spent with my family on summer vacations 
spent in an old time farm house built in the same era.

One hot summer night, as kids, we sat on the grass outside 
and were both horrified and (surely) amazed to watch 
bat after bat pour out of the attic of another well 
loved farm house that was once in my family. 
That was that. 

Bottom photo: My found treasure at Pollyworld 
(this time)--a  (vintage) small white pipe cleaner dog.




  1. Looks like a truly amazing place. I love those sorts of stores - they have character and surprise built in...two wonderful aspects. We have a couple of go-to places in our area and both are like this - stuffed to the brim with the unique. :)

  2. Any place in town with the name of Mouth of Wilson should be neat!

    I love those well-worn steps in that one photo. And it would be truly fun browsing through all that stuff - wish I could join you.

    I always have to be careful about bringing stuff home - I'm crammed to the gills as it is.

  3. Lynn! You make me laugh! Hence the small item I brought home :-D Wish you could join me as well Lynn!

    Talon, Thank you for stopping by. It means a lot to me :-) The women who owns the shop is a dear. A lot of the time she cuts the prices (already low) in half for us and always gives myself or my husband something free. What a great place!

  4. Lynn, Did you see the cats tail in that shot? I found it when I was gimping the shot and had to laugh!!!! Meow :-O

  5. I could spend days in there. What a the third photograph on the left is a Saucy Walker doll. The one doll I kept from my childhood.

  6. LOVE that doll! Thanks for identifying this one!!! That, actually, is my favorite photo. The dolls looks so colorful and romantic! Thank you NCmountainwomen!


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