Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Spring Promise

The silver stream of a broad moonlight ray 
kissed my cheek last night, as I laid upon my 
pillow. It crept in gently, first caressing the bed 
and then easing itself to my right ear 
where it whispered promises 
of bright red springtime
flowers with their sunny
button middles.

© Karen Powell

(lg) :)


  1. So nice, lg. That's a poppy, right?

  2. Yes Lynn, a small vibrant red poppy! It came up by accident (the only one in the batch)in a wild flower batch this past summer. Love those poppies; especially red!

  3. Oh my goodness that is so pretty and you know what - I needed to feel springy today!

  4. Thank you CC; glad I could help out!
    I'm not feelin' it much today, though. It is very cold here!!!!

  5. Can't wait for Spring! After over 15" of snow this weekend, I appreciate the reminder that the white world is only temporary. Beautiful, lg.

  6. aww, that is definitely awesome! so very pretty!
    love it:))
    dropping by via lynn's to say hi.

    have a great day~

  7. Betty~~Love love your pics of 'A Touch of Warmth!' The coloring is so warm! Excellent! Thank you for stopping by! :-)


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