Monday, March 8, 2010

The Long Trip Down

These are the
Mountains lower
than where we live
(where most of my
photos are from;
or higher....) These shots
were taken from the
highway as we were
heading east/so.east.
The town we live in
is at 3333 feet
(which is higher
than these photos.)
It is easy to 'forget'
how high we are
situated until we
leave! There is an
8 percent steep
grade down out
of the mountains
that goes on for miles.

Interestingly enough,
with the higher
elevations~~ comes
cooler temperatures
and 'wild' mountain
weather. It was a
FULL 20 degrees
colder at our home
(up high) than out
of the mountain range
and several counties
down and to our

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  1. Again, I'm really envious of the beautiful vista you have as you drive down the mountain. Absolutely stunning!


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