Friday, March 19, 2010


A new pup.


  1. What a beauty! Such gorgeous markings and that expression is priceless. What is the new pup's name?

  2. What a cutie? And a hint of a smile there, I think.

  3. Hey! Her name is "Ginger" She has some real 'get up and GO!' for a 16 week old pup (collie again!)My one year old well behaved collie is a wee bit irritated and offended by her puppy dog 'obnoxious' behavior (she seriously is lacking in manners...and is sometimes just plain wild!)

  4. lg, Ginger is the perfect name for her then! I remember when we got Charlie - she's such a bundle of energy(and 4 years younger than Riley) and Riley is such a laid-back kind of guy, but they've settled in really well together so I hope Ginger and Lakhi settle in well, too.

  5. Talon~thanks...I think that they will. Lakhi (age one) is quieter and more refined right now; only because of her age and our training!
    The puppy is really sweet and actually listens (she will be great)but~~she takes water first, eats any food she sees (and fast!!), cuts ahead of Lakhi, takes any bones she might find....and gets ooohed and ahhhed over. So, you see Lakhi's postion.


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