Friday, September 23, 2011

Thank You, Aquillrelle


On Poem Writing

Some words jingle, foam and pop;
sweet dainties of the mind-delight.
Like twangle, dangle, smoof and pling-
words that make my heart-song sing.

There are those words that ‘ping’ the night-
they sneak up fast behind with fright.
Like hooga, dooga, swarf and blight;
they grab your ankle--snarl and bite.

Like mit, and split, and stagger-twain;
they haunt like spirits…and remain.

Words like soldiers flood my cortex;
piling high; a thought-filled vortex.

A small battalion; they hold me fast;
accusing voice- “You battle-axe!
Just let us loose…to fly away-
or we’ll take you to court today!”

Terse and mean-they oft’ dispute;
“Let us out… avoid ‘bad’-lawsuit!”
They shake their finger-they rock the boat;
and when they’re out-they sometimes gloat.

But after all is said and done-
words like friends are lots of fun.
They link arms and settle down;
to bring joy and blessing
all around.

Like “…joie de vivre” or “jolly elf,"
just stash these words upon your shelf.
And if a rainy day consumes,
or black pitch-filled night
---it finds you;
just take words out and shine them up
to grace your head-
revive you.



Ode to a Terse Cactus Flower

Once upon my journey,
down dusty white-sand trail,
I came upon a cactus patch;
to enter, I prevailed.
A proud soft yellow flower,
shy and near the ground,
beckoned boasting buttery hues;
upon it I stooped down.
Its petals sheer translucent,
overlapped as if to say:
“Do overlook my prickliness
and cast your glance my way.
Although, my presentation
is lacking velvet touch,
this sun bathed bloom to you I lift.
Now--thank you very much.”

I just found out that I have been awarded
the place of becoming a 'shortlisted poet'
for the above two poems. These writings will
be published both in the Aquillrelle Contest
Three Anthology and on-line as well.

(Sending some vibes for a 'groovy' weekend all.)


  1. That's very good news - congrats on the award and for a happy anniversary.

  2. Thank you, Lynn.
    :-) We are going out to dinner (and perhaps a movie, if we can find one.)


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