Monday, February 28, 2011


Setting sun that blazes
Resting on the ridge
My spirits lift-to you I sing
For the blessing that you bring.

Yellow sky that shimmers
Piercing soul and eye

We await the setting sun

As night time draweth nigh

Yellow sky
A present

Tied with sunset's bow

Up upon the mountain top

As higher we did go


  1. Beautiful images and beautiful words, lg. What a stunning end to a day!

  2. What an unusual sky color - beautiful.

  3. Thanks for the col experience. They don't look real, but I know they are. It is a wonderful thingto live in the mountains.

  4. Talon~ This is a spot very high up as you come up into where we live. It has a terrific long view and the sunsets are uniquely beautiful there each day. The sky was soooo yellow. What a blast!

    Lynn~ Yes, a mustardy rich yellow!

    Keith~Yes, it definitely is a wonderful thing. The sky over the mountain tops here paints colors.


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