Thursday, August 18, 2011

Come on Along!

(click to enlarge.)

Do enter in. This is the Todd Bakery in Todd, North Carolina
(population just a bit over 2000.) The 'downtown' consists of about 4 or 5 buildings
set down off of a small country highway road and along a small river. This old building is over 100 years old. Inside, you will find a (sweet) women who bakes her own bread and sweet items, and also walking sticks, wooden bowls, cards made of local photos of wildlife and mountain scenery, hand knit items and various arts and crafts from this area, all made by local artisans. It is quiet in Todd. People live in Todd; visitors raft and tube there, they trout fish and there is also a small stage where (local) musicians come and play. Todd is known for its music (Doc Watson plays here.) Todd is the kind of place where you can close your eyes and see a dirt street (of yesteryear) and a horse-drawn buggy or two. I just got this one shot off of the 'bakery,' which gently invites all passersby to enter in through the wide wooden screen doors. Step right in.


  1. Oh, I love places like that, lg. They are just crammed full of the essence of life. Awesome shot - I feel like I can step right in and I can smell the bread baking :)

    Hope you're having a great week.

  2. Hey Talon! Thank you for stopping by! I hope to get 1 to maybe two (good) posts off a week (right now.)

  3. OK - I'm putting Todd on my bucket list.

  4. Yes~ Todd should be on your list, Lynn! :-) It will be a 'fast' visit (as it is very small.) Just close your eyes...and you have passed through it.


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