Monday, August 22, 2011

Edgemont Road Drive

Simply Beautiful View
(click to enjoy)

Small Waterfall (off a winding State Highway)

Highway on a Mountainside

Sunday Drive with Grandpa:
We are taking full advantage of the wonderful weather
we are having (highs in the 70's with lows in the upper
50's at night.) Sunday we took a drive along Highway

221 out of Blowing Rock, N.C. and down a gravel
road (old Edgemont Road) that goes down (maybe)
2500 feet. We only went partway down its steep switchbacks
and peered into rocky gorges along the way. Here are a
few photos from our journey. On another road up,
out and back, the road changes from gravel to pavement
and back (again) to gravel. People live down in this
area (which amazes us as they are deep in the 'boondocks'
of the Appalachians; there are some very nice cabins
and some 'pretty rough' methods of living deep
in these ol' mountains... I would say.) Sandwiches along
the road on
the way back while overhearing
the 'grunts' and talking
of rock climbers
500 feet above us was a nice touch.

Grandpa ate his sandwich on the tailgate.



  1. Also on my bucket list - Blowing Rock. I hear it is the fictional setting for the Mitford books. Your photos are lovely, lg.

  2. Yes, they still have "Mitford Days" in Blowing Rock annually and Jan Karon comes and hosts a lecture series. I was tickled pink when one of my (own!) poems was featured inside of a magazine (this past May) with a special feature article about her and a wonderful pic of her was on the cover!

  3. Hey Lynn! If you 'see this' answer I could send you a signed copy! (If you so desire...)!

  4. So gorgeous - something to feast on with every turn. Sounds like a perfect outing, lg. I love Jan Karon. I've got every one of her books :)

  5. Looks like a very nice driving and with that beautiful view of rocks and waterfall it must have been a perfect day.

  6. Rob and Mandy,
    Muchas gracias!


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