Monday, March 5, 2012


"Sporting a New Do;"
note the saliva droplets, nice, eh?!

"No Bother..."

Ginger 'On the Watch;'
in all of her glory...Mountain Dog that she is...:-)

Down the Rail
(...please do note the 'blizzardy' wind whipping UP at the end of this shot;
gusting to well at 45 MPH; and that I stood here to get this 4 U :-) Ha!)

Through the Trees

Wellll, it's Monday, March 5th (2012)
and we have here, a blizzard
with snow...and NO school.


  1. I hope you are toasty warm this morning and have lots of food. That's quite a view you have there - I include Ginger in that. :)

  2. "These are the tales of an ordinary women living in an extraordinary place." Indeed, you R right, Lynn. I don't take it for granted! The mountains ROCK. :-) Indeed, yes! :-)
    I especially love it here in the snow. Not too terribly cold here right now, either. It is hovering at 30.

  3. lol @ Ginger on the picnic table. I thought Charlie was the only dog who always seeks high vantage points! :)

    Stay warm and stay safe, lg! It must be amazing to watch the changing conditions over the mountains.

  4. Yes Talon, this morning I watched the front (a huge huge wall of gray clouds) move off over the mountain ridges. It was amazing. Our weather here is very changeable.

  5. I would change that to "an extraordinary woman living in an extraordinary place."

  6. ;-)
    Lynn, smiling, bashfully. I must say...that it takes an extraordinary know one!

    (wink, wink!)

  7. What a beautiful dog! Thank God you didn't call her Lassie!


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