Monday, November 29, 2010

Camp Llynure

Hello Dear Readers!
We are back!
I am hoping that your
Thanksgiving holiday
(if you celebrated one)
was an invigorating romp!
I think all people should have
JUST as much pure FUN
(from time to time)
as my critters had at camp
over the holiday week!
Just LOOK at them!
(Tell me your gobble gobble
gobble stories~
or anything else for
that matter!)
And welcome!
(I want to go to
Camp Llynure!!)


Things I Would do at Camp

1. Roll around with my friends

2. Preen myself endlessly

3. Crawl through the tunnel a few hundred times

4. Slobber my water bowl

5. Then hit the sack

(...all photos taken by Heather
Marcellino of Camp Llynure;
Apex, North Carolina~
Thank you Heather! :) )


  1. Your photos make me grin from ear to ear. Wow! Ginger (I hope I have the name right) has really grown!

    Looks like you had a lovely holiday, lg. I'm glad :)

  2. Hey Talon! So very glad that I got you grinnin' today! How have you been? Thank you for stopping by friend.

  3. Oops; had to clean the keys thus...the previous post!

  4. Dogs really like to play with each other. Those are beautiful dogs.

  5. Thank you Appalachian Lady. One is a "farm collie" and one is an AKC collie (my daughter's...)Mine really love to run~yes! Should have named them "Windy" and "Windier!" Thank you for stopping by today.

  6. Things I Would do at Camp

    1.Roll around with my friends
    2.Preen myself endlessly
    3.Crawl through the tunnel a few hundred times
    4.Slobber my water bowl
    5.Then hit the sack

  7. Wow - camp looks so fun! What a great place to board them while you are traveling. I'll bet they were glad to see you though.

  8. Hey Lynn~ They were glad to see us but now they are looking for the tunnel :(

  9. Beautiful dogs! Lassie was my favorite show as a kid.


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