Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The wind was whipping up to 55 mph
all throughout the night and -still-
into this morning.

I need to work on my 'gusty wind'
photographing skills and will endeavor
to do so! I tried several shots but they
just don't convey the rushing sound,
the sheer and sustained blasting nature of a
steady mountain breeze and the up gusts!
The little wiggles (as I call them; the steady
back and forth
wiggling motion of leaves
that I have only, thus far, seen
in the mountains)
are altogether gone;
replaced by the breezes of a
tempestuous winter
(I'm sure) well on its way.

A rather large tree growing up entirely out of a rock.
The upward angle gives the purveyor some
idea of the magnitude
of the trees of the Appalachians.
Next Up:
The forest floor as it is currently here.
Love it. Love it :)
Next Up :
Dear reader: What is it?
Colors across the street
for you to enjoy!
I am still chattering inside
from the chill.
Shiver. Shiver.
Shiver. Shiver.


  1. A tree stump?

    Love pics - and I hope you have the fire going and maybe some hot tea to drink, lg. :)

    I'm having some Redbush shortly.

  2. The perspective on that tree shot is gorgeous!

    It's so hard to capture wind...but it's a glorious thing to be out in it and hearing it and feeling it.

  3. Talon, Cool shot looking up, eh? Some of the trees here are just massive. I love them! Have a truly great weekend. We are off on our trip tomorrow! I will try and check in on a laptop (of my daughter's) if I can. :)


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