Friday, November 12, 2010

The Road Home

A thick frost covered the ground entirely this morning
but when the sun's rays began to warm
at about 7:30 A.M.
all the crunchy ground turned to
sticky mud (making for some pretty muddy
pawprints from the dogs
I'd say!)

Bottom: The road back to a cosy inside...
Here you can see the rather severe
nature of the slope, its length and
the ravine or 'hollow' on the right.
Sometimes I spy a red fox or deer in the hollow
which makes for a lovely trek.
I don't often take the entire road up
but instead turn around and head back down.
It twists and turns further up in its climb
upward on Yarnall Knob.
Middle: The colors of spring/summer
(the creamy whites, mauves and limey greens)
are replaced by deep and luscious browns.
Top: Houses nestled in
(from a previous series called
"In the Clouds.")

Enjoy the
beejeebers out of
your day


  1. I would love to walk that is on the edge, but how lovely it looks! Trails always beckon me.

    Hope your day is a beautiful one, lg!


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