Monday, December 6, 2010

Snowed In

There is a h-h-h-high of twenty today.
We are 'officially' s-s-s-snowed in!
We went out to the store before the plow
came through on this 'ol mountain and
just barely made it up the first incline
(slid sideways) and the back incline as well (slid again.)
All around our road are drop offs and ravines and
the like~ so sliding is definitely not a good idea!
We (now) have all of the food, toiletries and the goodies
that we need, so we are in for the night! Couldn't
leave now.... even if we wanted to! Enjoy the photos.
It was 13 this morning with a high of 20 today,
with more snow flurries throughout the day and the night....
Tomorrow colder weather is predicted! What??!
(Actually I am lovin' it!)
The wind howled awfully hard last night.
I am 'once again' in love with...what???
Answer: The snow plow.
We bought my daughter a plastic paisley sled.
The dogs are wearing themselves OUT trying
to find a good scent :)
I'm O.K. with that :)
Middle: The neighbor's beautiful snow
crusted strange plant.
(Seriously~ I just heard the plow go by :):))
Slice of the snowy woods.
(Double click photos to feel like you are there~well, kind of :)
It wont' be as cold for you I mean.)
More photos from our
'winter wonderland' to come
Come on along!

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  1. Glad you're all set for the snow-in. There's something nice about not having to go out and drive in that stuff. I just heard the plow go down the street here and for a moment I wasn't sure what the rumbling was! lol! Stay warm and toasty, lg!


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