Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thing of Beauty Revealed

Top: Winter's Trees

Thing of Beauty: A rather large
snow drift (for those who guessed!) :)
that looked like a lovely wave with a curl.

Today we have freezing drizzle
(as was predicted courtesy of Ray's Weather...)
on top of about 15-18 inches of snow. It has formed
a 1/8th inch (thus far) crispy, crunchy layer.
Even the dogs are mystified by the shape of things!
To walk (the dogs) I must use my walking stick
and proceed very carefully.
Once 'punched through' the snow;
I'm safe but the road's slick
surface is downright treacherous.
We have no school for the entire week
at our local high school.
Today, however, the slick ice makes
driving truly not something you want
to do. We were able to drive out
yesterday several times. It was a
sunny day with melted snow here
and there. The local college kids
finished their exams and headed
home (including our son.)



  1. Be safe and stay warm, my friend. xo

  2. Yay! Your son is home safe 'n sound! And that drift is gorgeous! I love how the snow totally changes a landscape. Be safe, lg! Icy roads are the worst!

  3. Working on it. Thank you Lynn. :) (I am bundled up.)

    Yes Talon, the 'wonder' of the drift caught me totally by surprise! We are staying 'put' today. Even taking the dogs out is a chore!

  4. Makes you want to surf the snow wave!

  5. Rob and Mandy~Yes, 'surf's up!'
    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Makes me ::shiver:: but still very lovely!

  7. Very beautiful snow drift. I know the snow changes things into such gorgeous views, but traveling is a whole different matter. I'm so glad that your son is home safe and sound.


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