Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cutie :)

They're Back:
This is a photo taken last year of a wee babe.
Apparently, last night we had a herd of deer visit
a pile of corn we put down nightly on the east side
of our yard here. Hooray! We have not seen many
deer AT ALL (like almost none...), even through
the rest of the cold winter after deer hunting season...
I found out this week in an article, that in
North Carolina the limit per person for deer
during hunting season is SIX (6) deer. I was shocked.
Add to that, we have a neighbor who I'm sure...
bagged his limit on this mountain.

Anyway, on to my story...This morning when I
let the dog out I noticed that the poor deer had
gotten confused and smashed a chicken wire
fence with posts down in two places during the night.
They could
have turned around and freely gone
back to the
woods where they came from, but alas,
they busted the fence in an effort to get
across the back yard. They are back (!) but
I hope that they learn to navigate the new fence!
I'm not a hunting prude but we
do not care to hunt on this property.

Looking forward to more visits
from our furry wide eyed friends.


  1. So cute! My brother-in-law puts out deer feed on their property so they'll wander through. (Unharmed - he only hunts anything that flies, like ducks or quail.)

    Love that springy new look on your header.

  2. Your header shot took my breath away, lg! It's stunning!

    I hope the deer learn to navigate the new fence (I'm sure they will). We used to live up north in an area where people hunted deer. I guess they have to help contain the population (and those who hunted did eat their kills), but it was the time of year that always made me feel the deer were at such a disadvantage.


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