Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Gray rain sky
pressing in
Gray all around
just where does it end
and begin?
Gray mud
gray moss
gray puddle
thoughts as well,
just a tad

Who put the gray
all up in the sky?
just a peek of light
would belie
the permanency
of the gray 
that pervades us today...

Perhaps a flashlight
the covers
would suffice
this inkling
notion craving
the light.
one can tell me
where to find it
I will seek it out.

What say ye
fellow travelers
wrapped up in gray?
Let us away
without a trace
to a luminescent
where rays of sunlight
touch the face
and impart to us the grace

And may we fly.


  1. We've had a string of grey days...they do wear on a soul after a while. I love the idea of a flashlight, lg :)

    Yesterday the sun decided to come out and it was soooo nice. An instant mood elevator!

  2. It's raining hard here today, too - but we had three days in a row of chamber of commerce weather, so I'm OK with it. And it is greening up so nicely here that it's all good.

    You make me think of my yellow flashlight at home in the kitchen pantry - right where I know where it will be in case I need to feel for it in the dark. :)

  3. Talon~ No sunlight here to be found! We had a brief period of heavy wet SNOW...but now, back to more rain!

    Lynn, Having a flashlight handy is a good thing. Living way up here in the mountains, I keep one by my bed...We get high level heavy winds on a semi-permanent basis and I'm prepared for a power loss if it happens. Have a great day both Lynn and Talon!!!


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