Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring in the Brambles

Blowing Rock




A Spring Morning Mountain View

This morning, I ventured to the same
location where I photographed wild daffodils
on a mountainside (Blowing Rock.) Last year,
I told a story of how I stumbled down the slope
-here- to procure the photo and then scared
a very large rabbit out of a bramble patch hole.
Ha! I (just) love things like that!
My footing was sure this time.
However, as I carefully took each step down the slope,
I did (again) manage to scare away some wild creature
(probably a deer) who was snorting a wee bit down
the slope in protest to my appearance!
The area was once again, lovely, and this time
I was happy to 'spy' an entire grotto of wild daffodils
in the thicket and down the mountainside!
I thought, what a view God must have of all the
wonderful things...
the 'hidden from (our) sight most luscious and
beautiful things' from His all-seeing aerial view!!
I needed a small plane today to see all the wild
(mountain) daffodils hidden away!
But~~I did manage to photograph some...
and here they are. And If you look very carefully,
you can see that the daffodils are hidden away
in the thicket and down the entire mountainside!
A most wonderful and a lovely thing :)

:) :)


  1. Pockets of sunshine - how gorgeous! Well worth the hike to find such golden treasure, lg!

  2. "Pockets of sunshine;" well said Talon! So very glad that you could come on along!!

  3. These are beautiful. I do miss a tiny bit that spring feeling, when it was still very cool and the flowers began to bloom with the promise of spring and summer. First crocus and forsythia, then the daffodils and tulips. Thank you for the great photos.

  4. A lot of work to get to those dafs! Lovely shots and well worth it. Glad some blooms are opening up there.

  5. E.B.~ You are quite welcome!! Do stop on by anytime!

    Cheri~ ((Welcome)) The work was fun!

  6. Isn't that amazing that you have flowers, when there was snow there so recently? What a beautiful place, Blowing Rock.


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