Monday, March 7, 2011


(March Morning)


Do I wash up on the seashore,

To be kissed by the fiery sun?

For that’s what I sometimes feel like,

When my day is done.

And will I rise up to meet you,

Like a vapor that rises in air?

If my thoughts happen to find you,

Will you then meet with me there?

And if my thoughts rise like dew droplets

Strata upon strata they shine-

Will they appear like a rainbow,

With illumination divine?

If I rest in a quiet corner

With my hands folded nigh

On my breast,

Will you then stroke my dear forehead

And comfort in spite of protest?

In the quiet

Can I be like a moonbeam?

And travel through space and through time?

Can I touch gentle people-their faces

Reflections, of Your light sublime?

Tender hearts crocheted all together;

Knit like a sweater, so fine.

Function and purpose; One Body

And many colors combined.

And if I search in right places

And I mine and I dig and I dig;

Will you hold my hand beside you,

As together- we dance a good jig?

And if then we rise light, together

And come down in a place all green-blue…

Will you sit right here beside me,

My heart an echo of you?


  1. I love the softness of your thoughts. They are comforting like eating a home cooked meal with the family; no agenda, no worries, no pain. Thanks so much for your insightful poetry.

  2. "And if my thoughts rise like dew droplets" - what gorgeous imagery, lg. Throughout the poem a tender thoughtfulness...just lovely.

  3. I think you might be like a moonbeam, lg. This was lovely.

  4. Pastor Keith~ Thank you. (and hug)
    Talon~ So glad that you like that line; this is a romantic poem (for me.) :)
    Lynn~ What a sweet compliment; it 'takes one moonbeam to know another' dear one!

  5. Talon~ I have a scientific background so I often think about how the dew (or rain) rises up to meet the clouds/heavens with the warming of the sun...kind of like our thoughts floating upward then


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