Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hodge Podge

Another Kind of Treasure: Over Stuffed Pepper (to Die For) :-)

Cutie-pie (friend) "Who Me...What-ya want?"

Spring Trees Sprouting

Well, I visited my therapist friend,
Pam this morning (who gets paid to crank
away on my arm!) so...that makes me
late getting to my blog. I am 'in therapy'
for a recently injured shoulder.

I (suppose) that I am making slow progress!
I am learning that I am apparently a
'whoosie' when it comes to struggling
getting a joint moving again
that doesn't 'want' to move
A 'shout out' to Pam, though,
who is graciously putting up with the
likes of me! Top: Last nights dinner
(prepared by hubby;) too good!
Filled with rice [2 kinds, mushrooms
and cheese (he is a veggie.)]
Middle shot: 3 of these little beautiful
bright yellow and brown tiny and sweet
birds showed up at once to our sock feeder
in the back. Alas, when I retrieved
the camera, I could only capture one bird--
but he gave me a rather nice look,
don't you think so?!
Bottom: Here you can really see the
new growth on the trees along the
Blue Ridge Parkway...hey--
it's spring!!
Spring has sprung, indeedy.


  1. I'm a part-time vegetarian - that looks good! (Meaning I eat that way about 90% of the time.) :) Here's a recipe I printed out this a.m. for mushroom, white bean and tomato stew with parmesan. I'm making this - probably on the weekend:

    I hope your shoulder is better soon, lg!

  2. You can have my share of stuffed peppers! :) Spring coming to the mountains, how beautiful.

  3. I love stuffed peppers. I haven't made them in ages - you (and your hubby) have inspired me, lg!

    I love the bird's expression :)

    The acid greens of spring - soooo beautiful!

  4. Lynn~ Thank you Lynn. I'm working on the shoulder much! (I don't care for white beans...isn't that odd? I like lima beans, though. Maybe they could be substituted? :-))

    NoviceArtist~ You're passing on the peppers; eh!?

    Hey Talon! So glad! Let me know just how you like yours! I thought the birds expression was intent , too. :-)
    "acid greens of spring...;" well said, friend!


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