Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Color Me Iris and (My) Teenagers :-)

Lovely Lone Iris

Elegant Sliver

Delicate in Color

I am in the middle (presently) of adjusting to my
(almost) 21 year old son being home (from college.)

He is a joy but...I could easily spend my entire

day cleaning (even if they assist) with 4 back
our home. Teenagers (I have two) carry about

1/2 of their weight with household chores
you are lucky. They just have so much
going on
and still require a lot of sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(O.K.-I'll admit this one time that I am
having a
slightly good whine with my gouda...
here :-) )
Oh...and their clothes are way bigger
so the
laundry seems to grow and swell up and then
grow some more. You find
(slightly dirty) clothes and
strange items in odd places;
especially under the bed.
Things like nail clippers, pennies, pens, paper, lost clothes,
and many snack food items. Humph!! Then...they ask
incredulously..."Mom, do I have this and that?" or..."I am
missing this thing...can we go to the store and
get some more??! Like---now, Mom, really."
(I won't dwell on that.
But, now I do know just
where all the snack foods go. Anyone care
for a pretzel...just look under the bed!)
On a good note,
we had them both for a car ride
deep into the
Appalachians (previous post) which
was a
first in a long (long) time. Almost 21 year old
slept most of the way and said "If you've seen
mountain...I could say...You've seen them all...
yawn...stretch and then yawn again...)"
And he meant it.

Fifteen year old daughter quietly watched out of
window at gorgeous ravines and strikingly,
beautiful gorges and mountainous
vistas (...places filled
with the mystery of
serious untouched,
pristine beauty) but would
not get out
of the car (except to eat.) I think that
families should
get a tax break just for
feeding their youth
(well.) :-)

An aside
for today [as I am literally back
stroking in housework and...
of course, to low on
petro (is it expensive or what?; we are feeling the
pinch here!!) for a trip to sooth my
frazzled nerves
to the close by, ever patiently waiting Blue Ridge...]
A sole iris delights me; Next Two: A study
in the wonder
a of light purple frail flower as it looks
with setting
sunlight passing through...and of course...
the 'inside' wonderment of the plant...
(and waving today!!)


  1. Lovely! And your header is gob-smacking! (love this word!)

  2. I love the golden tones of the late day sun - just gorgeous shots, lg! And iris have such character, don't they?

    Oh, the joy of teens! All of mine are long out of those teen years, but still, somehow, when they are here there is more of everything to do and much less help :)

    Hope you're having a beautiful day, lg!

  3. Yes Talon, the lighting often, is what compels me to search for a shot. Well said about having adult (and certainly teen) young children around...more to do-less help. :-)

  4. The good news about teenagers is - they grow up and become delightful.

    I giggle at the pretzel spillage. :)

  5. Lynn~ I knew I'd get a laugh out of that. Last time I looked under my daughter's bed I found a container of old jello.


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