Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lovely May Morn Jog

(Just click to enlarge the shots...)
A little jog onto the Blue Ridge Parkway this

morning was akin to a slice...of heaven. The May
morning lighting was 'just right,' leaving
shadows to play. As you can see (from the two
long view shots) it is a hazy morn in the parkway...
(altitude for these shots 3750 feet above sea level.)

Bottom: The perfect plump reddish-peach rosebud
peaked out to as if to say "Lookie here! ...I am full of
the promise of an equally plump red rose to be!"
Next Up: The road stretches ahead in the
parkway on a sweet May morn. (Others) in Mid
Section: Subtle long views today. Can you see
the alligator hidden away? Top: Old, old huge
trees line the Blue Ridge. I particularly like
the weathering of the fence posts all in a
jagged line. In this shot you can see the tricky
but the pleasant to the eye morning lighting.
Do...enjoy the day.


  1. Hey magiceye; thank you and thanks for stopping by!

  2. lg, what beauty surrounds you! And I love the promise in that swollen bud. Surely this is one of the prettiest times of year!

  3. Thank you Talon. Did you see the alligator?

  4. Of course this Florida girl saw the alligator! That fencepost picture calms me. Love your photographs and writing.

  5. Love the first shot, and a lovely collection.


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