Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How Does My Garden Bloom and Grow?

How does my garden bloom and grow?

Full of flower and fruit, friend-

you should know.

My Beloved does tenderly

bend and till…

He plucks and weeds

the soil until

a lush green forest

of plant and fruit

issues forth

with joy of youth--

acacia, almond, buttercup

basil, bluebell,


crocus, cactus, cypress tree-

all these offerings

to taste and see.

Across the seasons

and through time,

my garden grows

both well and fine…

In winter-pine and evergreen,

in spring- the orchid…peony,

then the summer rose takes hold

full of color, blooming bold…

also the wee black-eyed Susie

the larkspur, impatiens

rise up to be.

In fall

the proud and tall


lifts its face to

stand and tower.

All these beauties

are to be found

as the Master Gardener

works the ground…

How does my garden bloom and grow?

With flower, fair, friend-

you should know.


  1. Very nice poem, lg - and love those photos!

  2. Thank you Lynn...I had fun writing it!
    lg :--)

  3. I had to look up flowers and plants for different seasons...and there are allot of them! I am not 'plant savy...' unfortunately!


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