Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Big Gal

O.K. This big gal showed up at
our bird feeder...a female turkey!
That's the thing about the mountains...
they can keep you guessing. So, I said to hubby...
well, what's next... a bear?


  1. My sister's house in the mountains in Clay County, NC has bears around and their little enclave by the river is fairly populated. One of the neighbors told me that she went out to her car and a bear stood up on the other side of it. So my sis's utility room is outside - it has the washer and dryer in it. Now when I go out there after dark, I take a walking stick with me to wave around just in case. :)

  2. Ha! Lynn, I have a walking stick too. It is an accessory 'must have' in the mountains! (I use it to grab hold via planting it in sloping terrain so I won't 'slide down!!' 'the hill.')I once slid down the side of 'the mountain' walking the dog; it was a sight... a red coated women laying on the side of a sloping hill! ...And the dog wasn't much help pulling me UP; you'd think that she would have been!

    Yes-a good walking a must. I should do a piece on that think I will!)
    lg; Have a truly great day, Lynn! :--)) (Double chin...!!)

  3. Yeah-even we don't have report of a bear that close (here;) if it were the case...I'd be a banging a drum!

  4. Turkey at your feeder--wish we had that. We did once have a bear which was scary. We had to take our feeders down for a few days. Last night we had a raccoon for the first time. I may have to take in the feeders at night to discourage those critters.

  5. Appalachian Lady,
    We don't have raccoons here; I'm happy about that! They are pests!

  6. lol! Smart bird - coming to where the feed is!

    We used to live in bear country. I can't say I miss them - they always scared me.


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