Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Man and the Wife of His Youth

A Man and the Wife of His Youth

The old man

Scratched his head

How could things have gotten this far?

As she lies so pale and lifeless in the bed

His wife of many years

Once a flower, fair

Her frail hand held so still, in his

And on his face, a single tear

Time is drawing them

To a place where one will go

And when he lays his body down

This place, then both will know.

For now, he dreams of yesteryear

And sees a dreamy glow

Upon her bent and snow white head

As he remembers

the thing

that they did know.


  1. That's so lovely and a little wistful.

  2. Thank you Lynn :) I am 'watching' my father-in-law deal with his aged, ill wife of over 50 years. They were married at age 18. She has been hospitalized (again) this weekend past.
    lg (So inspired, it was.)

  3. Beautiful and tender, lg. The years may pass, but the heart remembers.


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