Friday, May 20, 2011

Flaming Peach Beauty

A flame of beauty burning brightly,
rose at setting sun
Peachy hues and light amuse
me when my day is done.
Lovely presentation,
with curvaceous ruffled edge-
Little rose to you I say
"My tending hands to you, I pledge."

Little rose you greet me,
shy and near the ground.
You bring blessing to my yard
and joy in you, I've found.

Little rose please linger
to delight my sense
Bloom and bud perfect in form
despite your reticence.

Little rose adorning
my garden with fair hue,
bloom and bloom and bud and grow
'till I bid thee, "Adieu."


  1. Absolutely stunning, lg. What a gorgeous color! And what a beautiful ode to the rose!

  2. Thank you Talon. I have two rose bushes, one a peachy hue and the other a fuchsia/red of sorts...The one in this post just started to bloom! Have a truly wonderful weekend Talon!!

  3. That rose is in your garden??? Beeyoutiful.


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