Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Garden of my Dreams

The Garden of My Dreams

The garden of my dreams
is tilled and fertile
full of jasmine and crepe myrtle.
The plants are pushing
down their roots
through rocky soil...
straight to the mineral.

Sun will come and sun will go
as the garden of my dreams
does ebb and flow.

Thoughts, they grow and they take root
until they become deliberate.
In the garden of dreams...
I form and I play
with poems and stories
come what may
until a tree stands strong and tall
bearing fruit for one and all.

The garden of my dreams
is verdant, green-
sweet like honey,
and pure like cream.

So come and sit a spell
down here
where our minds can meet
and shed a tear
or fabricate
a lofty plan
the highest form
of being human.

My garden grows, as your does too--
to sustain and nourish
both me and you.

So sit a spell
plunk your feet down
in the lush green growth
of garden ground,
where the grapes of promise
draw from soil of thought
and wondrous things
are formed and wrought.


  1. What a nice dream and a lovely start on that garden. :)

  2. I love the personification of the garden, lg. A beautiful place to till the thoughts. A beautiful and lyrical poem.

    Your blossom shots are breathtaking!

  3. Thank you Lynn. We are looking forward to what we have planted!
    Talon, I am thrilled with the budding blossoms. Thank you.


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