Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lakhi at Rest

Here is my pretty-girl friend Lakhi (pronounced
"Lah-key;" just bathed.) She is faithful
and only recently she has begun to lay down
(when we are outside) and to wait for me.
The hot sun (now) combined with the
rather cool mountain breezes make
for some pretty terrific lawn enjoying days.


  1. Lakhi is gorgeous,lg! She reminds me so much of a childhood friend's collie named Solomon. When we would be out playing, he'd be our shadow and we always felt so protected. Do you bathe her or do you take her to the groomer? Her coat looks amazing! And how is Ginger these days? Still full of spunk?

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  3. Yes Talon, she is like a motherly shadow. She nudges me with her nose and 'worries' over me like a mother hen! This time, my husband and myself bathed her in a children's pool that we have with the hose! Lakhi was no real problem but GINGER...she took about 45-55 minutes...her coat is THICK thick. I am going to get a good shot of Ginger as well. She is not often (yet) still as she is younger and a totally different dog. My husband put his finger on it this week! He said its 'as if' Ginger has testosterone!
    (previous post deleted my bad...tooo many typos!)

  4. I can just feel Lakhi's soft fur - what a lovely companion.

    I am getting caught up on blogs - I just commented on your last few. Thanks for all the lovely photos.

  5. You're most welcome Lynn! Thank you for going back and reading also. That is sweet. :-)

  6. Riley is a long-haired German Shepherd and has that crazy thick double coat. Charlie's fur is so fine, she's dry in 20 mins. We do the same - use the hose. In the winter, though, it gets really tricky in the bathtub :) Can't wait to see Ginger - she's probably grown so much and she has the most beautiful coloring!


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