Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lovely Log Cabins and Water

Gentle Waterfall (Greening Up)

Quiet Cabin

Log Home in Spring


  1. I like Log Home in Spring the most, but they are all beautiful. Does anyone live there?

  2. Gorgeous shots! The texture on those buildings is magnificent. Just looking at those photos, I feel serenity, lg!

  3. Yes Talon, I especially enjoy the texture on the rough and the varied boards of a good cabin! It floats my boat (too!)

  4. Love the log cabin with the porch...I could live there. Back in the mid 70's I helped build 4 log cabins with red pine we logged with a team of horses. Built them for the boss as rentals..never got to live in them..
    I found your blog while visiting another. My sister lives in a cabin in western VA..kind of in your area...I love it!!


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