Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Watery Tuesday and 'Caught!'

It has been rain, rain, raining non-stop!
Bottom Two: Flowers that 'look good in the rain!'
In fact, it is supposed to be very cold the next two days...
and we might have to cut up sheets to cover our
planted, young and tender garden plants
for the next two mornings...
I will let you know!
And the Top: I have been chasing this
huge specimen of a bumble bee
for a (good) shot out on the front rhododendron
for about 3 weeks! He always 'gets the jump on me'
and whenever [and I've tried to photograph
this big fellow (or is it an elusive, mean
spirited female, I wonder...) many times
right now...] I do get set to snap the shot
...he (she) flies off...or...he (she?) dive
bombs me as if to say
"Away!! And I mean it!"
I am listening right now to a wet bird
chirping wildly in the yard...The birds in the High
Country are plentiful and very hardy ones.
Have a great and an imaginative day, friends...


  1. I love rhododendrons - thank you for this glimpse. :) And good for you for capturing a shot of the bee.

  2. We're having the same weather here - it's so darn gloomy! But your beautiful shots have brightened my day, lg. I love how the bumble is burying himself in the bloom! :)


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