Monday, May 16, 2011


Peeling back, the clouds lift revealing stages of things...
peeping through here and there, they lay upon the hill
like the gentle glories that they are--
Oh sweet summer day!
With mist rising in the fields
and rolling back on mountain tops...
Leaving behind the reddening wild flower
dazzling in the sun's ray
and the ripening berries
dripping in the dewdrop...
I am seeing,
but for the mist that obscures,
the forest for the tree.


  1. That's the same weather we have--misty and cloudy. I miss the sun! Nice photos.

  2. That you take the time to not only appreciate all that is on display, but to share it, too, lg, is a beautiful thing. Thank you.

  3. That mist is so mystical! Lovely.

  4. Talon, Many thanks for your kind comments today :-)

    Lynn, Isn't it though? I love watching it change and float upwards; lifting...


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