Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Road Trip

Belle Dancer

Fairest of Maids

Maidens of Gold

Rolling Clouds

Come on along!
We visited Asheville, N.C. (Saturday)
and were greeted by rolling clouds above the bluest
of mountains. In the downtown were these most
lovely maids on display to photograph and observe.
Each time you placed your offering in their basket,
they bowed down and curtsied. It was amazing talent and
quite beautiful to behold. Ahhhh. The beauty of a fair maiden!


  1. How amazing and unique! Great shots, lg. I hope you're having a beautiful weekend. The weather has been scary stormy here.

  2. Hope you're O.K.; the U.S. has had some tough spring weather! It has heated up here; in the low 80's today in the mountains! Have a great and a good weekend, Talon. R U watching the French Open ( comrade in tennis???!)

  3. That makes me want to be one of those belles. :)


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