Monday, May 9, 2011

Galax, Secret Place and O.K., Tilt Your Head...

We took a nice Saturday drive to
Galax, Virginia (from North Carolina.)

Of course, my husband managed to find...
a gravel road.... (Just how does he do that??)

Along it we saw trout fisherman after trout
fisherman...(the serious kind dressed in all tan
with waders and the wicker basket types...)
The stream we followed had some awesome
rocky outcroppings (Bottom photo) and
peaceful turns. We learned that the geese
here are sitting on their nests (on the banks)
and hatching their babies now. Things to avoid:
deadly large black water moccasins with
big flat puffed out black heads...We saw two
(our footsteps scared them from the grassy
banks and into the water, thankfully.)
Not nice (creatures...)
Middle photo
: A lone goose and his (or her)
wonderful shallow wading spot.
My favorite: Top pic;
I aptly named this one
"O.K, Now Tilt Your Head to the Side a Bit and...Smile!"

Have a truly great day, friends...
And make sure and take some time to
smell the roses-or the peonies!


  1. That sounds like my kind of drive! There were a couple of geese in the little patch of lawn in front of the place I work this morning. An odd place for them to light - with traffic whizzing by in a distinct industrial area. Maybe they'll find their way up there.

    I thought this was going to be about the galax plant - I didn't know there was town in VA called that. :)

  2. Lynn-What is a galax plant?


Please do...tell.

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