Saturday, May 14, 2011

West Jefferson

All Metal Barn 'Fabulous!!'

Old Train Mural on White Building

Mountain Top Revealed

Hey! Come on along! We took a slow car ride
to the nearby farmer's market in West Jefferson, N.C. where
we bought a tall pink flowering bush and tomato plants to put in!
These are scenes that I love...found along the way!
May your weekend 'bust a move!' We are soaking in rain right now
and glad that we got out and about before the deluge....


  1. It was supposed to rain here yesterday, but never did. Although the dark clouds overhead indicated that it might have been raining elsewhere in the Atlanta area. It's lovely and cool here this a.m.

    That barn is fabulous. And how lovely that you will have fresh tomatoes!

  2. Lynn~ Isn't that barn great? It doesn't look real...almost like a rather large toy. We are hoping our garden survives all of the heavy rain we are getting! The forecast is for 7 more days of rain! "ooooh noooo."

  3. Wow - what a beautiful drive that is, lg! That barn is gorgeous! And nature's scenery? You've surely got some of the finest in the world!


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