Monday, October 25, 2010

Below Beacon Heights

Welcome to another of our Saturday
morning car rides , friends. :)
Our selection for you, this time, was
a trip dropping down off the Blue Ridge
Parkway into the Appalachian Mountains
via a not-too-awfully-bad gravel road;
just a bit away from a wilderness area.
Bottom: A view on top of one the rocky
peaks of Grandfather Mountain. The
colors are primarily gray and orange
and evergreen-green against the deep
blue sky (Click all pics to enlarge for
your visit :)) Next up: Rock texture
amplified! This was just a very small
portion of a rock wall (the side of a
mountain opposite a great long view.)
I do *love* my rocks! How about you?
Next up: Awesome long view of some
mountain top (who knows?...not I)
with spiky little peaks that seems to
prick against the blue sky. Next Two:
A small waterfall deep within the forest
with the massive rock-boulders forming
a bed for the water above. Note the rather
large hole worn into the rock next to the
water. Second from top: Gorgeous long
view here. It was a clear day for these shots.
Fall presents itself in all of its glory! Top:
Massive white rocky outcropping deep in the
forest with tress growing seemingly out of
the rock itself on top. I also have a story to
tell about this journey that I will relay later.
:) :) :)


  1. Thank you for the gorgeous shots, lg. That hole looks so mysterious in that shot! I love trees growing on rocky outcroppings - they just look like the definition of survivors!

    Can't wait to hear the sotry :)

  2. I liked the worn rather large hole myself, Talon. It's what drew me to the waterfall :) Also, thank you for the analogy of a survivor as the tree growing from the rock. How true; like the flower that does grow from the crack in the sidewalk as well.

  3. You live in such a beautiful area - how lovely it is. I am looking forward to hearing that story!


Please do...tell.


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