Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Capturing Fall

Top: Last night's color.
Next: The road that winds down (and up)
on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Welcoming :)
Next Two: A hairy blooming plant that was beautiful.
Panoramic: The Blue Ridge as it stood, today.
Blue Sky: A view upward of incoming clouds
over the Blue Ridge and some light rays.
Last: The way home; a true one lane
road under a built rock overpass.
It was narrow!


  1. I love the hairy blooming plant, lg! It is gorgeous. Actually, I love all the photos. There's something about autumn that just makes my heart sing. Looks like the new camera is doing beautiful work :)

  2. Thank you Talon! Yes, the hairy blooming plant looks excellent on the enlarge! We got everything about the camera and a new hard drive back, so I'm tickled pink! Have a truly good day Talon!!

  3. I guess you peer around that corner before you go around. That's what we have to do at my sis's house in the mountains. :)

    Love all those shots, my friend.

  4. Thank you Miss Lynn! :) (hug to you!) Yes~ these windy mountain roads with true blind spots have caused us to develop good skills listening for the car that is around the bend!!!


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