Thursday, October 14, 2010


Leaves leaves everywhere!
Fall is on our heels...
nipping, nipping
with a
gentle tug.

Summer sun hiding~
work to be done.
...Icy chill
with wind that tickles;
racing up our hill.
We will embrace
these darker days
with clouds that hide the sun.
Leaves spark and tumble;
falling they rumble,
a carpet
a lattice
that covers the
hallowed, damp ground.
down they go~
spooking the dog


  1. Spooking the dog made me chuckle. So true - I've seen that happen. :) Fall is hitting you with a vengeance, I see. We are not having such beautiful leaf color change yet, but maybe it is heading this way. Thank you for a glimpse of yours!

  2. That looks like my back yard only so many of our trees are shedding gold and red. Yes, fall is definitely here... I'm smiling at the dog getting spooked. Charlie and Riley love to snuffle through the leaf piles :)


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