Sunday, October 31, 2010

Your Guess

is as good as mine.
Bottom Photo: What do you think goes in and out of here?
This was a rather LARGE hole that was cave-like
inside along a gravel road deep in the Appalachians;
we did not 'have the guts' to go in and look.
Next Three UP: Sunset series.
Taken from a very high vantage point that was a
real 'nail biter!' We even met a car that was going up
on this one lane precarious road that has 'the view' thus,
we had to stop and back up for them to pass! Ohhhh. Myyyy.
Top: Idyllic stream in the North Carolina woods
with sun light in the


  1. The first photo looks like an oil painting, lg. Simply gorgeous!

    And I don't want to hazard a guess as I always figure whatever a hole size is, the creature that climbs into it is at least five times the size of the opening. :)

  2. It would fun to look in that cave hole, but doesn't seem like the best idea. :)

    Those are glorious shots of the mountains - and it must be so nice to explore them like you and your husband do.

  3. Glad that you liked the first photo, Talon. I especially liked the lighting in it! Thanks. We stood and hurled a few small stones inside the big hole. Solid rock on the inside....Hummm. Looks like a bear cave to me.But right now, since seeing the big one I have 'bear on the brain.' :)

    Lynn~ Yes, we are having a truckload of fun. This weekend we were so 'addicted' to the wild that we took drives on Saturday and Sunday! We 'dragged' our teenage daughter along on Sunday, and drove 7 and then 13 more miles (down) on a LONG gravel road through protected wildlife area in the Appalachians; apparently there are miles and MILES of gravel roads through these areas. Often they are not marked. Our plan is to drive on every gravel road we can find on the map at least once! Won't make it this year as the winter weather will mostly likely preclude this! But we are giving it our best!! We will bring you all pics and stories as we go Lynn :)!
    Hugs Lynn; have a great day!!

  4. Great photos. I just love each of them. I wonder if the hole/cave is a foxes den?


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